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Tungsten Fishing Weights

When you want to take your fishing to the next level, a tungsten fishing weight may be just what you’re looking for! While it’s true you’ll be paying a little extra, the quality and benefits that comes with a tungsten fishing weight are unparalleled. And unlike traditional lead weights, tungsten won’t cause any harm to the environment. A trained fisherman will notice a number of differences to their fishing abilities between the two materials as well. For example, because tungsten steel is denser than lead, it provides a more accurate feel for what your bait is doing against any type of bottom surface. You will also be able to detect bites more easily. When comparing a tungsten fishing weight to a lead one of the same weight, the tungsten will have a smaller profile, which makes for more precise and accurate casting, flipping, and pitching. If you’re in the market for tungsten fishing weights in the Amarillo, Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Galveston, Houston, Midland, Odessa, San Antonio, TX or Oklahoma City, OK areas, be sure to shop Epic Baits Fishing!

Flipping Jigs

In fishing, flipping refers to the technique of using the swing of the rod and the momentum of the weight, coupled with an arm’s length of line in your non-dominant hand, to bring your lure as close as possible to the area of interest. This technique is efficient when fishing for bass, for example, as it allows you to make multiple presentations in a short amount of time. Flipping jigs are among the most useful tools when it comes to bass fishing. They are designed to go into the heaviest wood or brush and come out unscathed. Flipping jigs generally have a compact head shape, a heavy gauge hook, and a firm weed guard to protect them from getting hung up. Epic Baits Fishing carries a comprehensive selection of flipping jigs to make your bass fishing go as smoothly as possible.

Custom Spinnerbaits

A spinnerbait is a type of lure that has one or more blades that spin like a propeller while the lure is in motion in the water. This creates varying degrees of flashing, movement, and vibrations that mimic small fish and pray. Spinnerbait lures are ideal for catching bass and other fish in low-visibility water situations. The design of the spinnerbait helps it to be seen by fish in both murky and clear water. Designing your own custom spinnerbait can increase your chances of catching your target fish species in the body of water of your choice. You are able to choose the weight, head color, skirt color, and blade colors, creating a one-of-a-kind custom spinnerbait!

Custom Football Jigs

A football jig, named for its distinctive shape, is ideal all year round in situations where your quarry likes to stay at the bottom. Rocks, points, shoals, humps, ledges, wing dams, and other offshore structures are all excellent places to throw a football jig. To properly use a football jig, make long casts past, or to, the intended structure. Then, free spool the bait all the way to the bottom. Once your bait is on the bottom, slowly drag it across the structure. If you feel a bite, make sure to wind up quickly - it can be tricky to bury the hook when you have a lot of line out. A custom football jig is an excellent tool in your arsenal. Contact us today to learn more!